....more about our trip leader, Claudeen Lyle

 Claudeen Lyle owns and operates this business, a family enterprise begun by her parents in 1983. Passionate about both skiing and travel, Claudeen loves to help others play in and enjoy the mountains.  "My passion is to share my love of skiing, and encourage women and men alike to stay with the sport of skiing, appreciating the joy of the mountains for years to come!" Crystal Mountain, Washington is Claudeen's local mountain home, where great friends and challenging slopes bring together two profound joys in her life! 

Ski Instruction


Claudeen has taught skiing for over 40 years and was recognized as one of 'Bergie's Best' 100 top national ski instructors. Her passion in the mountains led to a variety of activities, including a position as a Professional Ski Instructor Association Divisional Clinic Leader for 15 years (teaching instructors to teach), and working for K2 Sports designing women's skis. 

K2 Alliance Team


As part of the 4 member K2 Women's Ski Alliance Team, Claudeen contributed to the design and development of women's skis and other products for K2 since its origination in 2000. Traveling throughout the nation to test skis, she worked with women's groups, and gathered information to help design great mountain products for women. 



Claudeen is an avid world traveler, and loves to share the travel experience with like-minded people.  The natural enthusiasm of skiers helps generate great fun in our trips through European Alps.  Claudeen's purpose in these trips is to help bring together like-minded people in exploring mountains and the world. Occasionally Ski Masters Euro Trips will journey to non-mountainous destinations, drawing that fabulous attitude of skiers into other types of adventures.