More About Our Trips

Where we go


Come join Ski Masters Euro Trips for a relaxing and adventurous vacation!  Every ski trip includes resort visits to at least two different countries including Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.  Our trips are two weeks or more, and often include pre-trip extensions to visit European sites along the way.

95% of clients repeat trips


One longtime member of Ski Masters Euro Trips wrote us after her first trip:  "I  told people before I left that this would be the trip of a lifetime.  I'm now convinced that I will have a lifetime of these trips." 

...and did we mention the great cuisine? Along with our 4 and 5 star hotels, great ambience, and charming European rooms, we experience fabulous meals at our resorts.

Ski and we do the rest!


You design most days of the trip as you wish, whether it's skiing, eating in on-hill huts, or enjoying a European spa.  Some folks find relaxation by exploring our charming resort towns, shopping, or walking the winding back roads in their leisure time..  Whatever you choose to do with your days, we will take care of the rest!